Copytag – Tags to Metafields

  • Shopify Application

Copy your product tags to metafields automatically


  • Effortless tag-to-metafield migration
  • Automated scheduling for tag transfers
  • Simultaneous multi-tag group management
  • Time-saving, user-friendly interface
  • Create and manage multiple jobs concurrently

Copy your product tags to metafields

Multiple jobs

You can setup multiple jobs to take care of multiple tags at the same time.

Prefixed tags

You can easily turn prefixed tags to metafields with just a few clicks.

Multiple tags to single metafield

With a couple of conditions you can setup multiple tags to be migrated to a single metafield.

Scheduled jobs

With scheduled jobs you can setup your store to automatically update its metafields each month, week, or day at a specific time.

Edit jobs

Jobs can be easily updated to reflect your needs.

Super simple

It’s as simple as it is – a few clicks and you’ll have your tags copied to metafields.


Copytag - Tags to Metafields

Copy your product tags to metafields automatically.